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    Vols Make Nolen's Top 3

    I need nuggs. But I concur, I truly believe we lead here even though there’s a long way to the finish line. We’re the only team that’s steady in his top teams.
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    Thoughts on CJ Madden?

    I choose optimism here. I think he’s genuinely interested
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    8-10-21 Recruiting Chat

    What’s our realistic chance and where do we genuinely stand with Walter? I’m aware he tends to be the kind that goes for the newest flavor of the week…but there has to be something to us being in his top three AND living in Powell
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    Really starting to get excited

    I’ve been saying this for months, myself. You & I tend to think very much the same on a lot.
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    Really starting to get excited

    If we knock off Florida, which we totally should because they’re trash, then we could get on a hot streak. Talk about lighting a fire under recruiting !!!
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    Lot of mixed reports about QB1

    Milton. It’s been Milton. Haha. No seriously, I just want whoever it is to be solid and lead us. I feel confident whoever Heup and Golesh choose as QB1 will be capable of it.
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    Day 3 Practice Updates

    How’s the linebacker corp looking?
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    Day 3 Practice Updates

    That’s a good sign
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    Recruiting Chat Question

    Tuesdays work fine for me too. I’m involved with teaching Sunday school and stuff like that at our church and we try to fit in a post lunch nap which is hard to come by with a 4 month old child haha
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    Injury Update

    Now you’ve done it.
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    Nichols is a Vol!

    Dang it. I didn’t last long at all in here
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    Biggest take aways from the opening presser?

    Team is healthy for a change. They seem very positive and ready to go get after it. Milton is QB1 and looks the dang part as well. Sheesh.
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    As Fall camp begins...

    I don’t think we’ll have to worry about how Beckwith is used. He’s so versatile and quick for his size. Just get him the ball in space.
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    Recent UK Decommit

    It’d be great to flip some from Kentucky just to piss them off
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    Jarell Stinson

    Everywhere I’ve seen he’s a DB.